Check out The Genworth Canada HomeOpeners® App

The mobile app market continues to grow in popularity and has morphed from gadgetry that makes your smartphone an overpowered toy into a hyper-productive business tool. You can track your time, share work docs, project manage, and even access your Customer Relationship Management all within the app.

Now here are some ways that apps can help you and your business:

1. Create a Virtual Office

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the local coffee shop or on the other side of the world, if you have your mobile device, you can work. With easy access to information, workdays are more productive and interacting with clients is as seamless as it is fast.

2. Facilitate Client Relationships

This is where you can add value to your client relationships by using apps to share information. Genworth Canada’s HomeOpeners® web-based app is a helpful tool that gives you access to updated product information and all the calculations you need to assist your clients. For example, using the Genworth Canada HomeOpeners® web-based app, you can quickly calculate the house price your client can qualify for as well as the monthly payment. Then you can cross-reference Genworth Canada’s product line-up and determine which mortgage product fits your client whether they are self-employed, new to Canada or considering a Purchase Plus Improvements scenario. The app will also calculate the insurance premium for high-ratio transactions.

3. Up-to-date information at your fingertips

There have been many changes in mortgage lending guidelines over the last few years and it can be frustrating trying to remember who is doing what. With the Genworth Canada HomeOpeners® app, you get up-to-date information about product guidelines to ensure your client is a fit. You’ll also find updated company news, including an educational video that takes clients through the mortgage process and explains the role of the insurer.

In a competitive mortgage environment, the Genworth Canada HomeOpeners® app can give you a business advantage. The proliferation of smartphones means more people will be using apps to help them navigate the mortgage market. Be on the leading edge of the trend. Try it now and see for yourself at Whether it’s love at first sight with a property, or flat-out eagerness to become an actual homeowner, try to resist! There are always new listings tomorrow.

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