Grow your brand with customized marketing collateral

Many agents and brokers don’t have the time or resources to invest in marketing collateral, even though it can promote their brand and boost business. And they may not have the marketing savvy and know-how to create slick, professional-looking material to attract new clients.

It’s why mortgage broker Valérie Brisson turned to Genworth Canada’s My Marketing Source, a 24/7 web-based marketing platform that allows agents and brokers to build their profile, create customized marketing materials and print or download copies in digital format.

“I’m not computer illiterate but I’m not an expert,” said Brisson, with Dominion Lending Centre Mortgage Services in Corbeil, Ont. “It would take me a long time to do this on my own. Genworth provides edited templates that are attractive to the eye.”

The marketing platform — which is free — provides product overview sheets and expert articles, allowing Brisson to create customized newsletters and marketing collateral with her photo, logo and contact information.

Prior to this, she didn’t really have a marketing strategy, other than handing out business cards and relying on word of mouth. “When people are buying a house they have a lot to think about,” said Brisson. “It’s hard for them to retain all of that information.” By handing out information packets at open houses and trade shows, she finds it helps homebuyers retain that information — and remember her name.

“And it’s saving me a lot of time,” she said. “Genworth has done the work for me.”

The ease of functionality is also greatly assisting Ryan Smith, a mortgage advisor with The Mortgage Centre in Kamloops, B.C.

“It’s quite beneficial to my business,” says Smith. “I focus on millennials and first-time homebuyers, and I’ve been using it to create some of my marketing materials. Taking articles and turning them into PDFs and then using them in social media — on Twitter and Pinterest, in particular — is bringing it forward a few generations!”

Promote yourself with
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Having that support is huge for Smith, who’s been in the business for just five months. “I like knowing the support and resources are out there,” he says. “Just the fact that it’s there and creating better business without spending a lot of time or money marketing,”

Brisson likes to customize her marketing collateral with something extra, such as various mortgage scenarios using the same interest rate and insurance premium. “It gives homebuyers insight into how much they’d be able to afford and what their payments would be,” she said. “This is just one of the things I can do with the platform.”

She has also created information packets with pre-packaged articles from Genworth Canada, including topics such as “understanding your credit report” and “10 things to consider before renewing your mortgage.”

“It certainly attracts attention, and after (potential clients) have seen some of the information that I provide, they’re more inclined to turn to me,” said Brisson. “It breaks the ice.”

And this, in turn, has helped her business. “I picked up not necessarily different clients but more clients,” she said. While business cards provide basic contact information, they’re easily lost in a purse or in the car, and a homebuyer typically collects a lot of business cards so it’s easy to forget who’s who.

With personalized marketing collateral, “it’s less likely that they’re going to misplace that information,” said Brisson, “so I get quite a few calls back from my open houses.”

Brisson says the platform is intuitive and easy to use — so much so, it doesn’t really require any training. And the only cost is paper and ink when she prints out her customized marketing materials.

And she believes it gives her a competitive advantage. “My colleagues were quite surprised I had so many clients who called me (after) an open house,” she said. “Clients see my face at the open house, but they also have my marketing collateral with them so they remember me and call me.”

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